Fire ring with cooking grate

Item No.: FR1700336
  • GREAT FOR COOKING:  Its sturdy grate is wide enough to accommodate meats and vegetables. You can also set a cast iron skillet on top of it to make eggs, bacon, and pancakes!
  • LONG-LASTING CONSTRUCTION: You need a fire pit you can rely on.  This fire ring is built from heavy-duty, 10-gauge, thick rolled steel. It is comparable to the long-lasting grills used by the US Forest Service. This round, steel fire ring is coated with high-temperature paint that will prevent rust for years to come!
  • SWIVEL GRATE: This wood-burning fire pit goes beyond roasting weenies and marshmallows. You can cook sausages and steaks to succulent perfection. With its rotating grate, you’ll be able to evenly and thoroughly cook your food throughout. It swivels a full 180 degrees. This grate has a convenient handle for one-hand operation. When you’re done cooking, just swivel the grate out of the fire.
  • Available in customized sizes.